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Bob Dylan music videos. Fabulous live performances.

Bob Dylan: It Ain't Me, Babe It Ain't Me, Babe
"Oodles of guitar brilliance ... you must see the climax to this performance the last five minutes is really something special."
Bob Dylan: My Back Pages My Back Pages
"... blowing the current top contenders out of sight with this majestic performance"
Bob Dylan:mIt's Alright, Ma It's Alright, Ma
"Can Bob Dylan rap better than 50 Cent + Eminem? I Think he Probably can."

I don't think this is rap. I'd rather call it talkin' blues.

Bob Dylan: Visions Of Johanna Visions Of Johanna
Someone or something has annoyed Bob Dylan. But what a performance. 2000.
Bob Dylan: All Along The Watchtower

All Along the Watchtower
Brilliant rare live performance

Bob Dylan: I Shall Be Released feat. Norah Jones I Shall Be Released
Bob Dylan and Norah Jones.
"Duets with Dylan are usually a real disaster. Not this time. Smart, terrific!"
Bob Dylan, Dignity Dignity
"Fat man lookin' in a blade of steel / Thin man lookin' at his last meal / Hollow man lookin' in a cottonfield / For dignity".
Bob Dylan: Silvio Silvio
The legendary crowd show from 1996 with two girls dancing on stage.
Bob Dylan: Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight, Mark Knopfler Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
Bob Dylan feat. Mark Knopfler.
Bob Dylan: Things Have Changed, Mark  Knopfler Things Have Changed
Bob Dylan feat. Mark Knopfler.
Bob Dylan: Can't Wait, Mark Knopfler Can't Wait
Really funky performance from Bob Dylan et al., 1998.
Bob Dylan, Cold Irons Bound Cold Irons Bound
Look at Dylan really enjoying himself.
Minnesota 2010.
Bob Dylan: Forgetful Heart Forgetful Heart
"I lay awake and listen to the sound of pain / The door has closed forevermore / If indeed there ever was a door"
Bob Dylan, Dark Eyes, feat. Patti Smith Dark Eyes
Feat. Patti Smith
Patti kisses his cheek and he seems to enjoy it