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Bob Dylan music videos. Tangled Up In Blue in many ways

It's a strange thing that the whole story is narrated in 1st person on the final CD release, whereas the first three verses are in 3rd person as well on the New York version (which supposedly must be the first version) as on the later live versions.
Tangled Up In Blue. The NewYork sessions The New York sessions
From the first takes to Blood On The Tracks, recorded in A & R Recording studio in New York.
No footage, just sound.
Tangled Up In Blue. Renaldo & Clara Renaldo & Clara
Taken from the cult movie Renaldo & Clara
Tangled Up In Blue. Wembley Arena Live in London 2000
Powerful live version from Wembley Arena. Dylan picking funny notes during musical interlude.
Tangled Up In Blue. Milwaukee Summerfest Milwaukee Summerfest
Marcus Ampitheatre, Sunday, July 9th, 2017. You need to have patience; Tangled Up In Blue comes last.
Tangled Up In Blue. Nottingham May 5, 2017 Live in Nottingham
May 5, 2017
Tangled Up In Blue. KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall
Scottish KT is playing for her life in this brilliant Dylan cover.

Tangled Up In Blue. KT Tunstall KT Tunstall
Another wonderful cover by KT.
KT Tunstall
Simple Twist Of Fate.
Now she has our attention,
KT enriches us with another Dylan cover.
Tangled Up In Blue. Jerry Garcia Jerry Garcia Band
Good old Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead.
Tangled Up In Blue. Joan Osborne Joan Osborne
City Winery,
NYC 5-12-2017
Indigo Girls

Indigo Girls
Richmond Virginia,
July 26, 2012.
A really nice band, playing so well together, enjoying each other.

Tangled Up In Blue Alternate version Dylan live performance
Alternate set of lyrics
Read the lyrics here