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The 10 greatest songs ever written according to Elston Gunn's YouTube channel (well, 7 out of 10)

I have no idea how they have been selected, and by whom, but I take it there has been a poll of some kind. Anyway, they are all great songs. Old songs in rather recent versions with Dylan and his band. Lousy footage, but the sound is OK.
Positively 4th Street

Positively 4th Street
Well the best song ever ... I don't know. But never being released on an ordinary album, it does deserve being brought to life. Excellent performance by the way.

Like A Rolling Stone

Like A Rolling Stone
By Rolling Stone Magazine considered the best song ever.
Dylan's at his best. Fine close-ups.

One Of Us Must Know 
(Sooner Or Later) #3
One Of Us Must Know
(Sooner Or Later)
Very rarely performed live.
The band doing their very best to live up to the Blonde On Blonde musicians.
Desolation Row #4
Desolation Row
Nobody can deny this is one of the best songs Dylan ever has made. I do prefer the original version, though.
My Back Pages #5
My Back Pages
An early manifesto of his intention to go his own chosen way.
Dylan showing a bit off on guitar and dancing (well, it is Dylan, he's not really a dancer) to the violin while playing his harp.
Baby Blue #7
Baby Blue
Another vintage wine on new bottles. This one too is rarely performed live.
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right #10
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Singing this old 'not-a-love-song' as for dear life. Playing a compelling guitar, too.