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Slow Train Coming and Saved Back

A song and dance man

‘I think of myself mostly as a song and dance man, you know.’ dylan declared at an interview back in the sixties. It made us laugh, dead serious as he appeared in his lyrics. We didn't think of him as a song and dance man, as an entertainer.

But the truth is that to him performing has always been the main thing. That's the way he started out, and that's the way it has ever been since then. Standing on stage performing his music.

He has often been accused of closing in on himself on stage, however, not communicating with the audience, and to a certain degree there is a truth in that. But it's not always that way. This compilation video shows a musician who is enjoying himself on the stage among his band members, all stiffness disappeared. Have you loved him before, you'll love him even more watcing this video. You should take a look, I promise you it's great fun.

Watch the video here.