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Patti Smith on Nobel prize performance –
I was humiliated and ashamed

Patti was In Stockholm, at the Nobel ceremony to sing A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, which is 7 minutes long, to honor Bob Dylan, the Literary Laureate. When Patti messed up at the second verse she asked if she could begin again. Later she spoke to Bob Dylan's oldest son who said the whole family were very happy with her and he said that his father said, "No one messes up his lyrics any worse than he does."?

Patti Smith later explained how she felt messing up the song. In a touching interview a wonderfully charming Patti tells not only about the incident but also about her private life and her life as a performing musician, how she met her husband, her children and how she's writing early in the morning. Also present are talkshow host Seth Meyers and author Åsne Seierstad.

View the entire interview in a talk show in October 2017.